Jun 18, 2020

06/18/2020 Hour 1: MLB optimism; Sahadev Sharma; Short season impacts ; DH

Jeremy and Austin talk about the potential of an MLB/MLBPA deal. Sahadev Sharma of the Athletic Chicago talks about MLB and the Cubs. Jeremy and Austin talk about the impacts of a short season to the Cubs, Cardinals and White Sox. Jeremy and Austin debate the DH. 

Jun 17, 2020

06/17/20 Hour 2: Mike LaTulip; MLB

Jeremy talks with Mike LaTulip about building the TBT Illini roster, the preparation, and the potential opponents to open the hour. (0:00). Jeremy and Austin bash MLB and Rob Manfred. (26:56).

Jun 17, 2020

06/17/20 Hour 1: Football recruiting; Gundy; NBA; Nick Hardy; All B1G teams

 Jeremy and Austin chat about Illini football recruting and the latest on Dylan Rosiek and Theodore Lockely. (7:18). The guys talk about Mike Gundy and that ordeal. (13:47). Former Illini golfer Nick Hardy talks about practice during COVID-19 and his play in the Korn Ferry Tour. (31:00)_. Jeremy and Austin break down Athlon's pre-season All-B1G teams. (47:33). 

Jun 16, 2020

06/16/20 Hour 2: Jayne DeLuce VisitChampaign; League commissioners; Craig Anderson IHSA Executive Director

Jeremy talks with Jayne DeLuce of VisitChampaign about gaining the IHSA finals. Craig Anderson of the IHSA goes further into why Champaign was picked. Hear from Adam Silver, Dame Lillard, and Roger Goodell. 

Jun 16, 2020

06/16/20 Hour 1: Champaign get IHSA finals; baseball gets in its own way

Jeremy and Austin open up with talking about the IHSA bosy basketball finals going to Champaign. Jeremy and Austin talk about Rob Manfred and baseball getting in their own way. 

Jun 15, 2020

06/15/20 Hour 2: Pat Bryant commits; Sosa/McGwire analysis; When will baseball comeback?!!?!

Jeremy and Austin open the hour up by talking about the commitment of 3-Star Jacksonville, Florida WR Pat Bryant. Jeremy and Austin continue their discussion on Sosa/McGwire and the major missteps by the director of "Long Gone Summer" (18:00). Jeremy and Austin try to look over what is going on with Major League Baseball and their poor negotions. (36:40). 

Jun 15, 2020

06/15/20 Hour 1: Long Gone Summer (Bummer); Jim Mattson WEEK-25; Joe Henricksen City/Suburban Hoops Report

Jeremy and Austin open the show up by reviewing the latest 30 for 30 documentary "Long Gone Summer" about Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa's HR chase of 1998. Jim Mattson of WEEK-25 in Peoria talks about Peoria's case to keep the IHSA boys basketball final in its current location. (28:57). Joe Henricksen of City/Suburban Hoops Report gives the case for Champaign to reclaim the site. (41:21). 

Jun 12, 2020

06/12/20 Hour 2: Mike Koon Visit Champaign County; Friday Free For all

Jeremy chats about Champaign events and COVID, IHSA boys basketball finals and more. Jeremy and Austin take your questions in the Friday Free For All. 

Jun 12, 2020

06/12/20 Hour 1: MLB Draft and baseball rebuilds; David Schuster; Mike Claiborne

Jeremy and Austin open the show by talking about the MLB Draft and how MLB teams rebuild. David Schuster joins the show and talks about Sammy Sosa. (28:29). Mike Claiborne talks about covering Mark McGwire. (45:15). 

Jun 11, 2020

06/11/20 Hour 2: David Eickolt; Sammy Sosa Speaks

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